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Organize Your Documents and Magazines with a Stunning Magazine Holder

Most of us have the habit of starting our day with a cup of tea or coffee and a newspaper. However, not everyone has the privilege of getting ample time to follow this routine every day. Due to their hectic schedule, they read it later on the same day. Thus they stack the magazines and the newspapers in the living room or bedroom to read them in their free time. But you cannot keep them scattered and create a mess. In this situation, a magazine stand keeps in handy to them. 

If you remain surrounded by document piles and cannot find the one looking for it, you will need a magazine holder to organize your newspapers, letters, magazines, and other vital papers. You can put the stand on a shelf or desk and include an opening that will make it easier for you to pull out anything. Select from the wall-mounted or the magazine holder collection from Indian Artisans. This stylish home décor item comes in different materials like leather, metal, plastic, or wooden. 

Indian Artisans have an exclusive collection of magazine and newspaper stands with excellent artistic skills that will add a sense of style and comfort to your home. You can search through our thousands of magazine and newspaper holders and select them based on the following factors.

Mobility and Design 

Magazine and newspaper racks come in different designs and shapes. Some are wall mountable, keeping the surfaces free and uncluttered, while others are perfect for placing on countertops, floors, desks, and tables. They offer easy accessibility and visibility to the user in a place like a waiting room in the hospital. Rotating magazine holders, on the other hand, save the shelf space and can hold various items in the allotted slot, such as in a store. Rotating racks are also perfect for keeping products like postcards, puzzle books, sheet music, and newsletters. There are smaller traditional floor magazine holder standsperfect for any place and room. 


The most common materials used in manufacturing magazine holders include wood, steel, plastic, corrugated cardboard, and wire mesh. Most newspaper and magazine holders come in a single unit, and you can use them right from the packaging. However, some models require assembly and come with step-by-step guidance and instructions to do it. Wire mesh and plastic magazine holders are easier to dust clean, while steel and wooden racks give more durability and stability. 

Weight and Size

Magazine stand for office and home come in different sizes. You can pick any storage unit model based on the location and the intended contents. For instance, you can place a single newspaper rack on a table or countertop since they will take up little space and are also lighter in weight. Larger magazine stands like multiple tiers, and tower racks need more space for display and are heavier than other models. However, they are highly helpful as they can carry heavy magazines or books and include multiple storage spaces. 

Multipurpose Use

Some magazine rack comes with additional features and offers multipurpose use. Some magazine rack coffee tables use the legs to store the magazines and a flat surface for keeping your food or coffee on the top. They are elegant in style, lightweight, and mobile. The corner newspaper rack offers ample storage space to hold the decorative pieces at home and office.

Shop from Indian Artisans to Get the Latest Magazine Rack Online in India

Indian Artisans have compiled a collection of the latest modern and traditional magazines and newspaper racks. We also offer sales and discounts to our users from time to time. So pick the best quality magazine holder for your office and home from Indian Artisans and keep it organized. So start shopping at unbelievable prices!