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Protect your Table with Placemats and Runners

Dining table mats and runners help dress up your dining room with the perfect linens suitable for casual dinner or any special occasion. The ideal table mats protect the table from heat or any stain and display your style statement and personality with every touch. It means you have to spend less time on stain and dirt removal. Indian Artisans have recently introduced a new dining table mats and runners collectionSo go through our collection and freshen up the look of your dining area whenever you want. 

For everyday means or any special party, placemats are the budget-friendly and easy way to get the desired look of your home you want. Besides protecting the costly wood of the table, they also reduce the noise from the cutlery and plates. You will find everything to place your serving glassware, decorative vases, and dishes on the table from our wide range of collections. 

Different Types of dining table runners and placemats

Indian Artisans deliver table runners and mats in pure cotton, polyester, or cotton blends that will retain the original color even after washing. They will bring a contemporary yet rustic vibe to your home and dining room with the help of their vibrant colors and natural fibers. There is also no necessity for ironing as they come out of the dryer smooth after cleaning. You can select from circular, square, and rectangular table runners in a fine fabric with decorative patterns and alluring colors. Pick decorative table runners in contrast to the tablecloths for creating gorgeous visuals. 

Combine different textures, colors, materials, and shapes to create a unique feel and look during holidays and dinner parties. For summer and spring feasts, you can use a yarn-dyed and light blue table runner matched with circular and rustic table mats of water hyacinth color. You can pair light brown and blue with a beige table runner that you can place in the middle of the table where you will share your dishes. 

We will also suggest you pair white polyester tablecloth with different cotton table runners in white and black patterns. The warmth of the colors can travel from one person to another across the table to enhance the intimacy sense. With the outstanding design of the beaded table runner, always match them up with a beaded placemat in neutral beige and gray color. They are composed of polyester or cotton blend with the appearance of linen. 

Fabrics with shiny textures like satin, silk, polyester, and organza work best on tables with highly lacquered wood or glass. These runners and table mats are best for occasions like weddings, special events, award ceremonies, and more. Fabrics with dense, natural, or coarse textures like bamboo, twill, cotton blends, grasscloth, and cotton work best on metal, ceramic tiled, wooden, and stone tables. These table mats and runners work well for casual and informal use. 

Why are Indian Artisans the first choice of people buying table runners online?

At Indian Artisans, we ensure that our customers should find the best collection of dining or coffee table placemats and runner sets. With millions of products for display on our website, we will assist you in finding an ideal solution according to your style and home aesthetics. Some table placemats and runners are based on natural designs like floral, while others are abstract or geometric designs. 

Once you have found your preferable product, select any one of the payment methods from COD, MasterCard, Visa, and more. You can also return the product if there is any dispute or misinformation regarding the measurement of the table runner and placemats. Indian Artisans also offer a free shipping facility whenever you shop for a particular amount. 

Thus table runners and mats are ideal for having additional texture and color in the dining room to attract the eyes to serving and display.