How to Use Wall Clocks for Your Home’s Interior Decoration?

wall clock for home

While a branded watch in someone’s hand speaks about their personality and sense of style, a carefully chosen wall clock also makes the living space livelier. Clocks are not just for updating you with time and never have been for a long while.

So many homeowners take great consideration and guidance while choosing a wall clock for home, as they would do while choosing a print or painting for their walls.

A Brief History Of Clocks

The history of clocks is an interesting one. From the sundials to candle clocks, it is fun to learn how different civilizations had creative approaches to calculating hours. For example, sundials were common in Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Iraq and even Romans and Greeks used them.

Later, Egyptians started using water clocks, which involved two water containers. The model has one container higher than the other, from which water would flow to the lower one at a steady rate. The lower container has multiple markings reaching, which determines the flow of time. The Saxons used a similar time-keeping device model: a candle with markings.

In the Middle Ages, they invented mechanical clocks without dials with only chimes and were mostly found in churches. Then came the pendulums. The 17th-century long case clocks became grandfather clocks in the 20th century and then were followed by the cuckoo clock, electric clock, and quartz crystal clock. Clocks have been a luxury device for many in the past centuries.

Why Should You Decorate Your Home with a Wall Clock?

1: Creates an Impression

A decorative wall clock in your living room creates an impression of your choice. When guests first enter your place, it will give them your sense of style and personality. It also makes them think about your thoughtfulness in terms of design and decoration.

2: Quick Makeover

You might not already have too many decorative pieces or paintings on your wall. But you can use a designer modern wall clock that serves a purpose and also add value to your living space.

Outstanding Home Decoration Ideas with A Wall ClockVintage Wall Clock

Vintage Wall Clock

Vintage wall clocks are the best design if you have exposed brick wall designs. You can easily find antique wall clocks online.

Oversized Metal/Wooden Wall Clock

An oversized metal wall clock or wooden wall clock goes right with any solid background. But mostly the white ones. Indian Artisans have some of the best metal wall clocks in India.

World Time Zone Clock

Mostly suitable for minimalist rooms and spacious ones. It might look pretentious if you are going for the world time zone clock in tight spaces. You can buy all kinds of wall clocks online in India.

Modern Style Wall Clock

The positive side of a modern-style wall clock is that it suits most modern home walls. You can also go for a black wall clock for your modern home.

Living Room Decoration with Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a great way to decorate your living room space. And when it comes to decorations, you can easily go for more than one clock.

Indian Artisans features a range of decorative elements for your home space, including some of the best wall clocks in India. If you are looking for a metal wall clock in India, find some of the most modern ones on Indian Artisans.