Handmade Platter

Top 5 Designer Handmade Platter for Everyday Use

Designer Handmade Platter

Serving platters often tell you how the person who uses decorative platters cares about the guest. Whenever they are buying a serving platter set, it is more likely that they think of guests and friends rather than themselves.

But the stylish serving platters can come in many types, for different occasions like parties, events, everyday use, occasional uses, etc. While the party platter plate is expected to be large and spacious, the everyday ones are expected to be of regular size.

While serving platters is meant for guests most often, you can use everyday platters for various uses. Are you looking for some handmade designer platter for everyday use? Please take a look at our list, and find our many applications of them.

1: Round Gold Mirror Tray

This gorgeous round gold mirror tray is perfect for your newly-built or renovated modern bathroom. With the details in the bars of the plate, it looks as though it belongs to royal palaces. Just like many other platters, this too is purely handcrafted and comes at a very affordable rate.

You can keep it in the bathroom to keep your accessories, or jewelry temporarily. It can also be a great addition to your bedroom if you can decorate it with candles.

2: Silver Rounded Square Agate Stone Platter

If you have been looking for a snack serving tray, then this is a great find. You can introduce this at various parties or celebrations at your home, and can easily serve various snacks like cookies, cheese, crackers, etc. Other eatables like bread, nuts, and chocolates will go well with this tray as well.

This tray features an interesting finish that comes only and only from experienced hammering.

3: Long Chip and Dip Platter Wood with Bowl

Always go for a wood platter while looking for an eco-friendly option. This piece of long chip and dip platter is best for appetizers, snacks, or even salads and pastries. It also comes with a bowl, how convenient! You can use the bowl for mayonnaise or cheese.

This platter is often easy to clean, and washing it with water won’t destroy the quality. However, if you haven’t dried it before storing it away, there’s nothing that will kill it faster.

4: Round Chip & Dip Wood Platter Flower

It’s interesting how sustainable options like wood platters can be so beautiful. This snack serving platter set is made from mango wood and is totally eco-friendly and easy to clean. You can use it to serve any snacks of your choice.

5: Hexagon Glass Tray

This extremely beautiful, and sophisticated piece of glass tray can be used for decoration around your house. This piece is one of the most beautiful metal trays, which can mostly fit into a living room decor.


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