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10 Best Diwali Gifts for Friends & Family

Diwali Gifts Idea

The time of Diwali is always auspicious. While lights and candles will lighten up your Diwali night, you can choose some gifts for your friends to brighten up their Diwali mood. We have the 10 best Diwali gifts for your friends and family. This list includes every budget and is suitable for everyone’s tastes

1: Metal Lantern/ Candle Holder

Since it’s the festival of light, would this candle holder be a suitable gift? It is colored fully in black and almost gives off a classic traditional vibe rather than modern. Your friend or family will find some way to use it.

2: Handmade Ceramic Mugs

These two mugs look expensive and sophisticated, but it is not. And mugs always are a good gift – be it a birthday or a festive season.

3: Candle Stands

Modern-era homes don’t need candles or candle stands anymore. But it’s not a necessity anyway – especially not this one. But it can be a reason homes can start lighting candles again.

4: Square Tie Hamper

Well, snacks and sweets are a favorite during a festival or holiday. So, why not find a tie hamper for them all? Use this tie hamper and gather your gift in the most suitable way.

5: Serving Tray

Help your friends or family serve their guests wonderfully on Diwali. This serving tray will make a great gift for Diwali.

6: Planters

There’s no occasion where gifting planters would seem inappropriate. These black and gold planters will look sleek in most homes. However, these planters are more for indoors than on your deck.

7: Brass idols

Diwali is an auspicious time, so why not choose something from a collection of brass idols? You can find idols like Laddoo Gopal Ji, Natraja Dancing Shiva, Krishna Ji, and many others. If your friends or family members idolize a particular God, this collection might have that idol.

8: Mughal Print Serving Tray

This serving tray set can add a royal vibe to any home. Printed in white and blue, this serving tray set contains 3 different-sized trays. This set is handmade, and you will find nothing like this elsewhere.

9: Peacock Urli

This peacock Urli can be one of the best gifts because who doesn’t like to welcome guests? So with this piece of Urli, you have something beautiful to keep fragrant water at the entrance or to anyone you’d gift it.

10: Figurine

This yoga lady figurine offers elegance to any space it takes. It is crafted so carefully that it can be a gift to anyone who values art. But if gifting friends or family members are not your priority this Diwali, this can be a gift for yourself.


Don’t forget to wrap your gifts with equally suitable packaging. The packaging doesn’t have to be fancy but neat and clean. Let us know your thoughts about gifting on Diwali.

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