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Corporate Gifts This Diwali

Diwali Gift Items

Sending a long Diwali message will not win you the best boss of the year just yet, so how about spicing things up a little this year and choosing some affordable yet sophisticated gifts that will brighten up the moods of your employee?

We have a list of 7 different gift options for you to choose from. If you are a thoughtful and considerate boss, you will know your employees and will know which one from this list will be suitable for each of them.

1: Mugs

Mugs can be a suitable gifting option, especially to someone known in the office for drinking tea or coffee quite often, then a coffee mug is a special gift irrespective of how many mugs he owns himself. Coffee mugs with beautiful prints also act as a showpiece rather than just holding coffee or tea.

This mug from Indian Artisans is a simple yet classy piece that says to your employee that they are unique. This is a hand-made mug, making it more special and valuable.

2: Magazine Holder

Does someone in the office like to keep it customized and organized? Being able to organize itself is a great corporate skill to have. And being a thoughtful leader, why wouldn’t you want to encourage it?

This magazine holder comes in 3 different colors – White, Black, and Gold. It has a minimalist design and can fit with most tabletop decors. While the name suggests it is meant to hold magazines, one can also hold books.

3: Wall Shelf

Wall shelves always add beauty to the wall and the space around it. What good is an empty wall? Corporate employees require the fun element to inspire their thoughts, especially when involved in creative works. This will be a suitable gift for anyone who likes to keep their office space beautiful or anyone who is failing to.

This wall shelf from Indian Artisans is made of copper and comes in three colors – white, black, and copper. Some of the things that it can hold are small planters, mint bottles, or a candle.

4: Tissue Box

Whether it is a sad day or just a sick day, tissue boxes will always have their place. But a tissue box is also a suitable gift if an employee is a clean freak. For example, some people like to clean tables and chairs before sitting on them every day. So why not make it easier for them to find tissues easily? This wooden box of tissues will help in adding value to the cabin.

5: Wall Art

Are you friends with your corporate partner or business partner? More than a business partnership, a friendship needs to be celebrated during festive seasons.
This piece of wall art could be a perfect value for your friend’s office.


Gifting your employees doesn’t need to be expensive – it needs to be thoughtful. A leader that shows they care for their employee is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationships.

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