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10 Unique Navratri & Dussehra Gifts for Your Friends & Family

Festival Gift Ideas

Gifting is like a hobby for many people, and when it comes to festive season gifting – like in Navratri or Dussehra, gifting efforts goes to a new level. Are you looking to find unique gift ideas for your friends and family this time? How about gold color as a common element for some not-so-unique items?

Take a look at these 10 gifts for your loved ones with a hint of gold.

1: Wall Clock with Golden Markings’

Help your friends decorate the wall with this most simplistic yet elegant piece of wall clock with golden markings. Even when it takes up a good amount of wall space, it still doesn’t look clustered.

2: Ceramic Mugs with Golden Handles

Mugs are sweet gifts regardless of the event. This set of ceramic mugs with golden handles and black polka dots in a creamy background looks super stylish. Even the shape of these mugs is far from standard ones. This is definitely a quirky gift.

3: Hexagon Glass Tray with Golden Lining

This hexagon glass tray can hold your small planters or flower vases. All are made of glass, and the golden linings offer a sophisticated touch.

4: White Cart/Platter

This platter, in the form of a cart, can act as a platter and as table decor. The golden wheels against the white upper space make a suitable gift.

5: Gold Mirror Tray

Want to give something stylish and that they will use regularly? This gold mirror tray can find a way to the washroom countertops and is suitable for using perfumes or earrings.

6: Brass Aeroplane Showpiece

This is one of the best pieces on the list, as it almost looks like a golden aeroplane. How fun and cute that you use it as table decor? You can also gift this during the festive season to brighten up moods.

7: Yoga Lady Figurine

This piece of craftsmanship is something that never fails to attract the eyes of the guests. You can always gift this to your friends to make their homes filled with positivity.

8: Cup Cake Server

The best way to serve cupcakes is with a cupcake server that enhances the decor of your cupcakes. But not so fancy that people are looking at it more than the cakes. This is a simple server with a simple design.

9: Wall Art Decor With Golden Butterflies

This wall art decor is full of golden butterflies, and anyone would be happy with this gift.

10: Magazine Holder in Gold

Does your friend like to organize stuff a lot? This simple golden color magazine holder is everything one needs to start organizing their lying around magazines or random books.


The first and foremost trick to finding a suitable gift is to know the person – and not just what they like. For example, someone who wants to read Harry Potter doesn’t mean they will like unofficial merch – be it a wand or a tee.

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