Diwali Party Decoration Ideas

Diwali Party Decoration Ideas

There is a low-key pressure every year to have a different or unique decorative idea for Diwali. But how does one find different ideas amidst busy lives? Thanks to Indian Artisans, a great many pieces of these festive-related items can be your way to celebrate this Diwali in a new style.

1: Candle Holder

Candles are popular items on Diwali. And if there are candles, there is a need for candle holders. Don’t you think? Whether you are going for colorful candles or just white candles – it’s up to you. We have this silver aluminum candle holder suitable for the tabletop, which comes with 5 arms. This piece looks unique and antique. You can buy two if 5 arms are not enough for your interiors.

2: Lanterns

One of the most popular ways to decorate for Diwali is to use lanterns. Lanterns come in flexible shapes and can be hung inside or outside your home. Many people believe that lanterns help to guide the way for departed souls, and they also symbolize the triumph of good over evil. Over the years, it has helped to create a festive and beautiful atmosphere in many homes.

Check out these decorative lanterns from Indian Artisans, and find the most suitable one for your Diwali decorations.

3: Planters

Lights and decorative pieces are definitely the best ideas when it comes to the festival of lights. But why not use some planters along with it? Flower vases with colorful flowers work well too. You can keep these in the middle of the table or on either side of the entrance.

If you are considering planters, Indian Artisans have a range of them. Explore them, and you can easily find one for your own.

4: Brass Idols

Brass idols are similar to showpieces but depending on the people; these might go to the prayer corner of the house. But you can also keep it in the center of the table. These pieces of brass idols are beautifully crafted, ensuring that wherever they are, they are appreciated for their craftsmanship.

5: Urli

Urlis are among the most popular decorations for Diwali. Also known as Kalash, these metal pots are traditionally filled with water and decorated with flowers, leaves, and other items.

Urli can also act as a holder for candles or oil lamps, adding a beautiful and festive touch to any setting. While they are often used as centerpieces, urlis can also be hung from ceilings or placed in doorways or windows. If you ever feel your celebration is missing something, urlis can make it feel complete. Choose from a range of urli and choose the most suitable one.


Whether you’re looking for traditional Diwali decorations or something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered. Our collection of beautiful urlis, intricately designed lanterns, and scented candles are all you need to create a perfect festive atmosphere. So, what’s the point of waiting for more? Diwali is almost here, shop away!

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