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The Essence of Celebrating Festivals in India

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India is popular worldwide for its rich diversity and cultural heritage. The one thing about India that stands out from the rest of the world is our varied list of festivals. Our festivals are occasions that reflect our beliefs, traditions, and the science behind them.

We pride ourselves on our diversified ways of life and celebrate our festivals with devotion and pomp. But what exactly is the essence of these events? Why do we celebrate festivals in India? In this article, let us discuss this subject in detail. Happy reading!

Unity in Diversity: The Cultural Slogan of India

India is known for its diverse cultures across various geographical regions of the country. For instance, Diwali is a festival that is celebrated in numerous ways in different parts of India. A person traveling to India for the first time would be amazed to witness the vibrancy of our festivals. And yet, we are all one. Our purpose of celebrating a festival is not just enjoyment but coming together as a country. And that’s what is the essence of our celebrations.

Why do We Celebrate Indian Festivals?

Here are a few reasons why we celebrate festivals in India.

It is A Time to Reunite with Our Loving Family and Friends

Festivals are the time to go back to our families and friends. It gives us the chance to spend some fun time with our loved ones. It also brings back a lot of memories of how we used to spend these days in childhood. Doesn’t the very thought of lighting tealights and diyas on Diwali bring back warmth to your heart?

It Connects Us Back to Our Roots

Every Indian festival has an exciting story behind it. Furthermore, if you think logically, all traditions have a scientific side. When we celebrate our festivals, we connect to the ancient roots that make us who we are. Whether it’s lighting a lamp in front of a brass idol or visiting a devotional center, these practices rekindle the cultural touch within us. Moreover, festivals are opportunities to pass this heritage on to future generations as well.

It is the Perfect Break from The Busy Existence We Live in

We all lead busy lives in today’s times. So, isn’t it a blessing that in India, we have so many festivals in a year to take a break? Visiting your loved ones, exchanging gift hampers, making sweets, and enjoying together are all essential for the human mind to rewind.

Final Words

Indian festivals are among the most vibrant and colorful of their kind. They are occasions to reunite with near and dear ones, to promote brotherhood and love, and of course, to enjoy! The essence of celebrating festivals in India is coming together as one and honoring our roots. In short, these events remind us of the presence of divinity in every living creature and the need to respect and love each other equally.

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